International Operations Coordination

We have perfectly matched our services with that provided by our branch offices in Africa. This gives us the possibility to also recruit workers on behalf of entities that are carrying out businesses in Africa; coordinating their movements, logistics, husbandry and all personnel-related services that will be required in Africa.

Recruitment Agency Services

We have understood that most successful enterprises pay great attention to their personnel and make sure their performance is always at the peak. This requires additional services that is designed to manage personnel and all personnel related matters. We have designed our HR services to complete the recruitment, staffing and management of personnel within the scope of activities of every enterprise and to coordinate all HR operations according to the culture, values and operating strategy of every organization. There is a dedicated services for the recruitment and management of drivers for trucks, vans and special delivery services on behalf of companies operating these services all over North America. We will also assure the sourcing of these drivers, training and certification to make sure they meet the required standards for drivers in this region.

Talent Selection, Mentoring and Coaching

Prioritizing the needs of our clients, we select the best and most competent personnel and provide additional mentoring and coaching, motivation and continued professional development courses to ensure competence at all times as well as career development.

HR, Fiscal and Regulatory Services Management

Ensuring that all our employees, personnel as well as temporary staff are remunerated according to prescribed regulations and labor standards is a priority. We also ensure all fiscal, both provincial and federal regulations are respected and all social services, benefits and amenities are applied as prescribed.


Civil Engineering and Construction Support Services

Our experience in the civil engineering, infrastructure development and construction services included the building of roads; both new and old, maintenance of roads; including the application of new road building technologies for both construction and maintenance. Supporting innovative electricity generation and water purification as well as modern agricultural technics is very important to the services we provide, not leaving out assistance in all administrative, statutory, fiscal and general logistics services, etc.

Offshore and Onshore Oil and Gas Support Services

There is a dedicated service for assisting the offshore oil and gas exploration and exploitation companies, attending to their specific needs like recruitment and management of local and foreign work force as a licensed manpower company. We also provide catering staff, supplies of PPEs and spares, fresh as well as general foodstuffs, procuring offshore supply vessels at appropriate intervals, represent shore-based operations and liaise with commercial partners, negotiate exploitation (PSC) contracts, husbandry services, materials and consumables, general logistics, follow up on local taxes, insurance and fiscal matters, importation and re-exportation of equipment and spares, etc.

Maintenance and Repairs of Rigs, Offshore Installations and Vessels

We have brought together a team of experts engaged in the repairs, maintenance and conditioning of rigs, platforms, FPSOs, OSVs, AHTSs, etc and all related services that are required to guarantee the optimum performance and operation of these installations and vessels. We recruit experts and domain supervisors and bring together a team of operational certified welders, pipefitters and maintenance professionals at all levels depending on the services requested, ensuring that the best team is available to perform the services exactly as they are requested. The Services include but not limited to: Steelworks, welding, pipe works, maintenance works on lifting equipment, general mechanics, electrical works, surface treatment works, scaffolding, health safety and environment, industrial air conditioning on ships, rigs, FPSOss, platforms, etc.

Maritime, Port Agency and Logistics Services

Our team of professional ship operators and managers provide the best quality management services to our clients, ensuring proper maintenance and certification, Safe navigation, cargo handling, storage and stowage both on-board and ashore, provision of victuals and stores, ship supplies.
These services are complimented by freight forwarding, transit, transport, customs clearing and warehousing.